The Benefits of Quality Online Therapy

What is therapy, and who is it for?

Therapy? Isn’t that for crazy people?” 

“Well, I go to therapy, and I am not crazy. It helps, and it feels good!”

This ‘I’ could be many people: your boss struggling with burnout; your local nurse who had a traumatic childhood; the bus driver who is a war veteran; or even your close friend who is a journalist working overseas and is struggling with understanding her emotions. 

Therapy can be for anyone and everyone, and it can definitely be for you if you think you need it.

Therapy is a safe place for your thoughts, in which a specialist will guide you through understanding yourself more, working through your problems, and giving objective advice in everyday situations that you face. Especially now, when therapy has been digitized to better adjust to the pandemic world, there is no reason not to try out a therapy session.

Wemby psychologist Carlos Martin gives us insight into how to best prepare for the first call with an online therapist, explaining that you should “Try to take fear [of being judged or of therapy not working] out of the equation. Fear is no longer an emotion used to protect us, but rather a very powerful feeling that makes us act differently.”

What to expect from your sessions

“The questionnaire that patients do before the first therapy session at Wemby seems fundamental to me in order to have a measure on what score a person is in terms of anxiety, extroversion, hostility, obsession, etc. and after a few months we can go through this questionnaire again to see how the scores are and have empirical evidence about how this has been transformed.”

Wemby also allows you to engage with your psychologist in an online therapy free chat before your first session. 

Through the first few sessions, a therapist can help to give you perspective and serve as a guide to address the emotional struggles you may be experiencing now, while also addressing the ones in the future. Carlos wants you to know that he hopes, “that you feel comfortable with the therapist. [You should] know that there is no judgment on either side. This is critical. We are simply going to describe a series of behaviors [in order to help you]”. 

Therapy provides long term solutions even after one or two sessions, such as:

  • Stress and emotion management
  • Healthier life choices
  • Planned coping strategies
  • Improved communication skills 
  • Acknowledgement of the positives

Because you spend time working through your issues and reflecting on them with your psychologist, once the treatment ends, these skills will stay with you, so you will learn to better understand yourself and those around you. However, if you have specific problems that a general therapist cannot address, the large variety of online therapists can be a good choice for you.

So no, therapy is not for crazy people, but for people who want to work on becoming a better version of themselves, for those who want to attain balance and emotional fitness, and overall, for people who want to live a more fulfilled life. If you want quality online therapy, Wemby would be the right choice for you. Wemby therapists prioritize the time spent with their patients, differing from other online therapy services in that they provide 1-hour sessions which combine efficiency and quality. 

Wemby provides online therapy and wellbeing services delivered by experienced psychologists. Our team is here to help you start building your balance and emotional wellbeing today.  

Download the app, complete a matching questionnaire and get paired with a therapist with the best licensed professional to match your needs.

Wemby psychologist Carlos Martin also has a radio show discussing mental health that airs every Monday at 13:30 (GMT+2).