She comes first

She is three times more likely to have depression.

She is two times more likely than a man to suffer from anxiety.

She is one of the women with mental health problems who have suffered from family and/or intimate partner violence.

She suffers double discrimination: for being a woman and for being mentally ill.

She belongs to the 70% of women who are unemployed due to mental illness.

She will take care of a relative for 21 years.



Far from being alarmist, 19.5% of the Spanish population has or has had a mental health issue. This figure reaches a value of 22.9% when we talk about women.

Many women who work in this field of psychology are affected by a reality that they are directly affected by because we cannot forget that they are also women.

Many thanks to all the women who, with their knowledge, skills, good work, empathy, resilience, and emotional involvement, pave the way for women who, unfortunately, have suffered some kind of abuse and/or mistreatment.

I would especially like to dedicate this article to my colleagues because without them, this whole project would not be possible: Soraya V; Teresa S; Patricia H; Johanna H; Paloma L; Adriana P; Ines V; Melissa V; Caridad A; Corina S; Laura M; Laura S; Lusizi K; Lucía M; Esperanza L.