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Why Therapists Love Working with Wemby?

Wemby isn’t just a network of highly skilled online therapists – we’re a community. We provide our psychologists with the support, resources, and growth opportunities they need to thrive as well as advance their careers.

At Wemby, we strive to provide a fair compensation and our model is meant to provide an alternative to other platforms following dubious practices for patients assignments. We believe that the right therapist for each patient is the key to successful therapy and recovery, hence our process of matching each patient to one member of our clinical team. No need to “run” to your phone to accept notifications to get patients!

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Design Your Own Schedule

Provide your clients with the care they need anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you’re available for at least some daily counseling five days per week.

Training and Opportunities for Career Growth

You became a psychologist to improve your patients’ lives. Continue doing what you love, but in a digital setting – and generate additional income while you’re at it.

Steady Income

Top-quality care depends on continuous refining and improving of your therapeutic skills. Receive ongoing training with Wemby and keep advancing professionally

Diverse, Supportive Community

At Wemby, you’ll be joining a dynamic and energetic community of inspiring and caring psychologists. You will have access to workshops with experts, peer support, knowledge exchange sessions and much more

Expanded Reach

Many digital therapy patients wouldn’t normally go to a psychologist’s office. We provide you with opportunities to reach even more clients in your state

No Overhead, No Operations

Administrative costs? Legal fees? Forget about it! With Wemby, you can just focus on continuing to provide your patients with excellent care

Meet Some Of Our Psychologists

Adriane Pruned

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A former diplomat, she has built a solid experience working with employees of international organizations, expatriates and high profile figures for more than 15 years. She follows an integral approach and works in English, Spanish and French.

Soraya Vivancos

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Specialist in 3rd Generation Therapies, with more than 10 years of experience. She works with an integrative approach using scientifically validated techniques and adapting to the specific needs of each person

Teresa Salgado

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

She has been guiding clients for more than 10 years in their self-knowledge and personal growth journeys, helping them restore fullness in their lives. She works with a holistic approach on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Lucía Menéndez

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Therapy centered on the person, their emotions and relationships. She uses different techniques aimed at providing a better understanding of the situations that arise and the reactions of every person. She works with the patient to find and create solutions and responses that promote their emotional wellbeing

Caridad Almansa Lara

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Health psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. Expert in Gestalt psychotherapy. She follows an integrated approach from different perspectives such as cognitive-behavioral, systematic, humanist and EDMR. 


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

She works using an integrative vision of the human being. She adapts to the necessities and style of every person, paying special attention to the way the patient is experiencing the problem and keeping in mind the principle of temporal globality: inquire in the past to understand the present and build the future.

Patricia Huerta

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Professional psychologist with a humanist and biopsychosocial vision.

Inés Vallejo

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Professional psychologist specialized in psychotherapy with families, children and adults. She has worked in the health sector and private clinics. She follows an eclectic approach and is not limited to any theory or school but wants to take the best parts of each when applying them to her patients. 

Johana Hernández

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A psychologist with a cognitive-behavioral orientation with a great background and experience in the domain of clinical psychology. She is an expert in anxiety and depression management and couples therapy. She follows an approach characterised by empathy, support and scientific evidence. 

Paloma Losada

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Health psychologist with a strong background in psychotherapy in crises and the international humanitarian context. Paloma has a cross-cultural, community-centered approach to the person. She is especially focused on accompanying and working with people in situations of stress, depression, trauma and grief.

Carlos Martín

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Specialist in trauma with a background and training in EMDR and humanitarian therapists such as Gestalt and psychodrama. Some of his working specialisations encompass the psychological treatment of addictions and eating disorders among others.

Esperanza Leal

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Health psychologist with an expertise in psychotherapy in trauma. She has previous experience working as a psychologist in the humanitarian context and with refugees in Spain. 

Ready to Become a Wemby Therapist?


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Receive Clients

Their needs will be matched to your expertise and therapy style.

Continuous Training

Get acquainted with online counseling, and learn at your own speed alongside other new Wemby counselors.

Manage Your Digital Practice

Decide the caseload you’re willing to take on, determine the hours you’re available to work and check in on your patients every day (five days per week).