Crowds of people? Constant chatter? Does the idea of this surrounding you sound annoying? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A recent study revealed that 36% of people said that they’re not looking forward to the end of the lockdown either. If you’re having these thoughts, you’re probably experiencing post-lockdown anxiety

Working from home and not being forced to interact with other people sounds very cosy. Having to socialize for the first time, especially in crowded bars, parks, and basically, anywhere that isn’t home, is overwhelming and stressful. You have spent a year trying to adjust to this new style of living, and now you have to alter your lifestyle all over again. Change is hard, especially in unprecedented times such as this. 

Here at Wemby, our goal is to help make this adjustment run as smoothly as possible for you. We understand how exhausting the pandemic has been, and we have some suggestions in an attempt to ease your anxiety

Pace Yourself

Don’t let others pressure you into going out as soon as lockdown measures ease. Understand that it’s your choice when and where you want to spend your time. Don’t go partying straight away, instead, gradually ease back into the pre-pandemic world.

Plan it Out

Think about the situations that make you the most anxious and plan your going out routine accordingly. Too many people in your favourite restaurant in the centre? Pick a place in a less crowded area to start your socialization outside with. Are you worried about your return to the office? Let your manager know about the anxiety you have been experiencing and work out a more flexible return plan.

Look After Yourself 

To lessen your feelings of anxiety you should make sure that you are listening to yourself. Going on long walks or runs alone will help keep you fit, and eating healthy food will promote better quality sleep. Also, do not be afraid to say ‘no’ to invitations, as setting boundaries will help you feel more in control

Vary Your Programme

Mix up your routine. If you thought you would be okay with public transport, but in reality it makes you panic, try using it during off-peak times. To prepare yourself for interacting with a lot of people inside, try opting for a small gathering such as a picnic, first.

Challenge Yourself 

Importantly, don’t let these feelings of anxiety overwhelm you into never leaving your house. Don’t go to a busy restaurant straight away, but don’t shy away from putting yourself a little outside of your comfort zone. If you have a car, take a trip to the beach, and if you don’t, go on a long walk with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. 

We understand how anxious you must be while adjusting to the new realities of today. To lessen this anxiety we want to suggest for you to take things at a slower pace and make sure you have the control of the situation in order to be more comfortable and feel secure. 

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