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At Wemby you get much more than
routine therapy sessions.

Diagnostic and prevention of psychological illnesses is at our core. We provide exclusive webinars, tailored content and professional expertise on a diverse range of topics. We work closely with different types of organizations, from humanitarian groups to financial corporations, and provide high quality certified counseling anywhere in the world.

Our rates are also more competitive than a regular in-house therapist or EAP.

Build Your Team's Resilience, Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness.

This is How It Works:


We’ll conduct an initial assessment, define your employees’ needs and challenges, and develop a tailored approach.


We will match the users to the right counselor and start providing your employees with tailored content and on-demand counseling any time they need it and no matter where they are


To ensure the highest quality care, we will continually re-assess your employees’ needs and refine the content they receive to make it more compelling and adjustable to their needs.


It's crucial to be able to visualize tangible results. In order to see exactly how much Wemby has benefitted your organization, we provide regular easy-to-read reports with anonymous data for better monitoring.

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We Are Experts

At Wemby we are experts in dealing with people in demanding positions, affected by stress, anxiety and other common conditions of modern society.

Whether you are a corporation needing digital counseling or online coaching for your employees, an education institution wanting to give an edge to your students or require therapy for humanitarian staff – at Wemby we have the expertise to provide your people with the right support any time they need it, no matter where they are.

Of workers say that they need help dealing with stress

Working days lost every year as a result of employee depression

Average financial impact per mid-level employee suffering from burnout

Bring support to your organization, especially to people highly exposed to mental fatigue.

Humanitarian Aid

Our extensive work with NGOs and international organizations sever us with a long standing experience helping humanitarian workers deal with the challenges and difficulties of working in the most vulnerables communities.

Education Sector

We have a broad experience supporting professors, students and other workers in order to manage symptoms derived from high demanding situations. We provide them with the right tools and training in order to be more productive.

Health Sector

We help health workers deal with stress, anxiety and other disorders derived from their difficult jobs, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Our experts are well aware of the gravity of the current situation and can offer specialized help.


At Wemby we understand common issues surrounding expatriates, including cultural shock, adaptive stress and other related issues. Our multicultural team of therapists has lived several of these situations firs-hand and can provide relevant help in multiple languages.


Note: Data collected independently by a corporate client with users in 11 different countries.

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White Label Services

At Wemby, we can provide and adapt our services to align and deliver them as one of your internal well-being programs. Branding and messaging can be elaborated in collaboration with you to match that of your organization.