Organizational Resilience: Starting again

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María Laura Gonzalez

María Laura Gonzalez

Therapeutic guide and a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness specialist

Resilience, the key is to be able to face problems, extreme situations, and/or crises, and also to be able to emerge from them strengthened. Not only having managed to overcome them, but also becoming a better version of ourselves from the learnings of what we had faced.

Organizational resilience carries this concept applied to business structures. Hence the importance of going hand in hand with professionals, through online therapy to support us in this growth process.

Many times you don’t know how strong you are, until becoming strong becomes your only option. The well-known essence of resilience, is the ability to adapt in the face of adversity. It is that force that is required to return to its initial essence, without the alterations to which it was subjected, for countless reasons. Resilience as an organizational concept also emphasizes this.

Resilience within Companies

Given the situation experienced in the last years 2020-2021, post pandemic and in full development of the new reality, a large number of companies have been exposed to risky situations and an even greater speed of change. Which it meant and still means that they have to face the fact of having to be resilient in order to survive. Organizational resilience identifies and studies the various factors that enable organizations to recover from complex adversities.

Through it, it can be seen how willing an organization is to face a crisis, in order to make companies a more enduring organism, which can easily adapt to the complexities of the market without having to sacrifice its independence and its differentiating essence.

Look towards the future with enthusiasm

Just as individuals in extreme situations, companies need to rethink their old models, beliefs and ways of doing things. Many of them had to rethink both their vision and various factors of their organizational structure, in order to be able to move forward successfully. 

Organizational resilience also tells us about how that capacity is associated with accumulated experience. In other words, the greater the experience accumulated from the group that makes up the organization, the greater the capacity for resilience.

The resilience process allows you to have the ability to learn and reorganize cognitive and thinking strategies so that you can face events in a different way than before.

At Wemby, we have witnessed the positive impact in team dynamics, performance and engagement that results from offering your teams: online psychological therapy. We engage with your teams through the accompany this entire process of initial assessment, planning, and guidance towards a healthier and more resilient state. If you identify that you are going through a resilient period, do not hesitate to do it with the support of great professionals, who are trained to guide you towards a stronger, healthier and more engaged team.


At Wemby we know that where there are happy employees, there is a successful company

About the Author

Hi there! I am María Laura Gonzalez, therapeutic guide and specialist in oriental techniques: Teacher of Yoga, Guided Meditation and Mindfulness; I am a writer for the media on related topics. I have provided my services for many years in multinational companies, in public organizations and in NGOs. I’ve traveled and trained both in India and in the USA, learning from the greatest teachers in the most reputable yoga schools.

All this journey of self-knowledge and teaching has deeply shaped my personality and my purpose in life.

Currently I provide services to the Community of Madrid, the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, and other companies dedicated to well-being and meditation, as well as I have my private practice as a guide and holistic therapeutic counselor, in the Barrio de Salamanca, in Madrid.

If you do not find me working, helping or creating new ideas, you will find me studying since I am in my last year of psychology, my second undergraduate degree.

Wemby provides online therapy and wellbeing services delivered by experienced psychologists. Our team is here to help you start building your balance and emotional wellbeing today.

Download the app, complete a matching questionnaire and get paired with a therapist with the best licensed professional to match your needs.

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