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Have you ever lived abroad? Have you moved every 2-3 years? For some people, the answer would be yes to the former, and no to the latter. However, a small group of people called expats could say yes to both. Expats live a taxing, mostly lonesome life, as they get thrown all across the globe. 

The perks of the job, however, can only be felt if they challenge themselves to overcome these hurdles. Here at Wemby, we want to make sure that, should you ever find yourself living an expat life, you will be able to feel happy and fulfilled, whatever your daily situation may be. Read on to see our suggestions.

1. Learning the Language

This is one of the most important aspects of transitioning to a new country. Even if you’re going to be there for only 2 years, learning a bit of the native tongue can be very helpful in your adjustment. Even if you speak the language, learning local expressions and colloquialisms is also important. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable, but also more integrated into the country and its culture. 

2. Easing Isolation

Feeling out of place is never a nice thing, but unfortunately, you will feel like this in your new home until you make the effort to immerse yourself in the culture. Don’t spend your first few days sitting at home. Instead, go sightseeing and visit local cultural events. Get even more insight by socializing with your neighbours; start by simply introducing yourself.

3. Killing the Culture Shock

Understand that the frustration you’re feeling will soon pass. Culture shock mainly happens because of the expectations you set for yourself. Drop them, and instead focus on learning about your host country. Do some research before moving, and do not hesitate to ask trusted locals some guiding questions. 

4. Healing Homesickness

No matter how much you think you prepared beforehand, you may feel you already miss your family and friends as soon as you arrive. Make sure to keep close contact with your family and friends at the beginning of your journey by scheduling weekly Zoom sessions. As you feel more comfortable, join Facebook groups for expats where you can find understanding friends.

5. Pursuing Your Pace

Okay, you’ve prepared well, you’ve talked to your neighbours and your friends, and yet you are still feeling overwhelmed. It’s alright! Adjusting to a different country, where stores close at 6 pm and people feel apprehensive of foreigners is hard. The only thing to do is to wait. As you slowly adapt, everything will become more familiar and fitting.

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