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Empower your team with the best tools for emotional wellbeing

We Are Experts

At Wemby we are experts in dealing with people in demanding positions, affected by stress, anxiety and common conditions of modern society.

Whether you are a corporation needing digital counseling or online coaching for your employees, an education institution wanting to give an edge to your students or require therapy for humanitarian staff – at Wemby we have the expertise to provide your people with the right support any time they need it, no matter where they are.

Of workers say that they need help dealing with stress

Working days lost every year as a result of employee depression

Average financial impact per mid-level employee suffering from burnout

Wemby: your in-house counsellor with benefits

More than just sessions with certified therapists

Wemby works on the diagnostic and prevention of mental illnesses by providing exclusive webinars, tailored content and expertise on a diverse range of fields, from humanitarian to financial services anywhere in the world for less than a regular in-house therapist or EAP.

Build Your Team’s Resilience, Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

As part of our ongoing technology development and services improvements, we would be developing a Machine Learning tool (pending for
the results of an Innovate UK smart grants application) to help us improve our programme of support to users. 


We’ll conduct an initial assessment, define your people’s needs and challenges, and develop a tailored approach


To ensure the highest quality care, we will continually re-assess your employees’ needs and refine the content they receive to make it more compelling and adjusted to their needs.


We’ll conduct an initial assessment, define your people’s needs and challenges, and develop a tailored approach


It’s crucial to be able to visualize tangible results, in order to see exactly how much benefit Wemby has had for your organization. For this reason we provide regular easy-to-read reports with anonymous data for better monitoring.

Effective results

Tested Solution

Data collected independently by one corporate client on a 12 months usage period data with 71 users in 11 different countries.

The impact in our users

Evolution of criticality in a 3 month period observation with over 92 users.

Get Wemby For Your Organization


With Wemby, users get to know themselves better and learn useful techniques to cope with every day’s problems at their own pace, thanks to our tailored content plans. Moreover, they can connect with their personal counselor in French, English and Spanish, on any device and via video or chat

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our tailored content, is designed by experts and built around your organization, Additionally, on-demand access to lightning-fast video, intuitive design and state of the art technology (Machine Learning to improve users’ initial assessment and matching), makes it easy to receive live support anytime is needed from anywhere in the world.

Secure & Confidential

Wemby counselors are licensed, background-checked professionals that treat our patients exactly as they would for a traditional in-office appointment. Your personal communications are bank grade encrypted, and will stay between just you and your trusted counselor

Proven Results

Our results speak for themselves. After completing 12 weeks of digital health coaching with a Wemby counselor, 82% of employees reported a clinically meaningful improvement in their mental health, felt better and were more motivated at work.

Web Summit 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for all, especially when it comes to our mental health.
In light of this years Web Summit, Wemby has a special offer for you and your team!

The first 10 companies to register below will receive a special pilot offer for the month of December which includes 50 free sessions for up to 25 of your employees.

At Wemby, our goal is to make mental health accessible, affordable, and de-stigmatized for everyone in the world!