It works exactly like a face-to-face session, but by video call. This option is the one that most closely resembles face-to-face interactions. 

To access the video call simply enter your Wemby App and go to the camera icon and click on it, then your therapist will give you access to the virtual room.

In turn, we recommend you use a quiet, calm, and comfortable space.

You can cover the topics you want. The main goal is to provide support for situations or certain contexts that can arise out of your job and can be especially difficult to manage.

Online intervention has evolved significantly, taking on relevance to work on a multitude of situations from the comfort of your home/office with the advantage of being able to perform them wherever you are.

However, despite this opportunity, this online medium is not an option for all cases and your therapist, if necessary, will inform you in advance if we think it is appropriate to work through the problem on this medium. 

We can address: stress, anxiety, and work related issues, among other things. You can also clarify your doubts about unwieldy behaviors and learn to understand, control, and manage your emotions or the emotions of others. You can also learn how to develop certain skills or guidelines that increase motivation. With this particular training, we would be entering the field of training, support, personal development, or coaching.

Approximately 50-60 minutes.

There is no predetermined number of sessions; your therapist will assess your situation throughout the process.

Initially, 1 session is scheduled per week, and then based on the progression of the objectives set out and the clinical judgement of the therapist, the sessions will be spaced and adapted on a case-by-case basis.

It is agreed with the service. Understandably, they will be during reasonable schedules and availability. Just like other services, requests after 20/21 or weekends will not be attended to.

No, it will be up to the professional therapist to decide on the necessary frequency of sessions based on your current situation.

When entering your app, go to your therapist’s agenda. You can request an appointment at the time that suits you best of the available times that your psychologist has on their schedule. When your therapist receives your request, they can accept or reject it depending on if that time slot is still free.

Once the appointment is accepted you will receive a confirmation message.

No, in any therapeutic process, whether psychosocial support; coaching; or psychological intervention, the involvement of the patient and consistency are needed in order to obtain results in the proposed objectives.

Note: the service is designed to meet the needs of people who wish to get the most out of the service. Therefore, if the user does not communicate within 3 weeks, the person will be deemed as not wishing to continue with the service and will be canceled.