We Are Specialists In Our Areas

Digital health that adapts and fits your organization

What We Do

For you and your employees

1:1 Personalized Sessions

Wemby provides online 1:1 counselling and therapy sessions through our built in video app to the workforce and individuals everywhere in the globe.

Multicultural and Multilingual

Our team of experts are ready to deliver sessions in Spanish, English or French wherever you want, whenever you need.

Discrete & Confidential

Highly secure and encrypted sessions with your therapist.

For your organization

We are specialists in online mental health therapy and based on the proprietary technology developed, we provide a range of services via our app, such as:


Assessing to workforce to seek and support employess with critical mental health issues


Personalised content feeds to educate and equip users with the tool and mechanisms to reduce the incidence of burnout


For employees as a measure of increase awareness and prevention
For therapists and counselors to be certified as a Wemby professional

Consulting Service

Creating policy guidelines and documentation, best practices guides, handbooks, exercises to employees and workshops

WE ARE SPECIALISTS in Humanitarian Aid

We are experts in helping expatriates to deal with the challenges and difficulties they face while being immersed in the most vulnerable communities. We have previous experience with different international NGOs and the United Nations.

WE ARE SPECIALISTS in the Health Sector

We are specialists in helping the health sector workers to deal with stress, anxiety and emotions derived from their hard work, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We understand the urgency and gravity of the situation and we are ready to support this sector with the expert therapist at all moments. 

WE ARE SPECIALISTS in the Education Sector

We have experience in supporting and guiding professors, students and other education workers with the stress management, anxiety, high levels of exigence and other challenges that might arise. We provide our users with training and education materials to help them increase their productivity and their time management skills. 

WE ARE SPECIALISTS with Expatriates

At Wemby we understand the perspective and situation of expatriates and the issues that might arise because of culture shocks. We are multicultural and multilingual, adapting to every person’s needs wherever you want and whenever you need it.