Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out more about how Wemby works aquí.

Pricing is tailored to your needs. The basic subscription covers access to our self-care content as well as a preferential rate for your team for therapy sessions. Furthermore, you get to choose if you would like to cover the expense of therapy sessions and if so, by how much, in a co-paid or fully paid model. 

All Wemby therapists are certified psychologists. 

We truly believe that there is a benefit to offer an agnostic, independent and confidential service. This is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest and that information remains confidential throughout the therapy cycle. Further, our therapists are experts and we do the heavy lifting in scouting for them and manage the sessions process so that you don't have to.  

The minimum size of an organization is 25 employees.

In today's economy, people are the single most important asset in any organization. At Wemby, we truly believe that performance is optimal only when people are engaged and healthy. Burnout, mental distress, and emotional pain are factors that can negatively impact performance in your team and that is reflected in absenteeism and high turnover. To us, this is not a cost, but an investment to any organization that wants to build a long-lasting and high performing team. 

Vamos a trabajar juntos para mejorar el bienestar global de tu compañía.

Aquí, en Wemby nuestro principal objetivo es mejorar el bienestar de tus empleados. Si tus empleados están felices, la compañía también lo estará, y se alcanzarán tanto objetivos personales como globales. Rellena el cuestionario de debajo y ¡vamos a empezar este proceso!