Yes, as professional psychologists, in any interaction that is conducted, confidentiality is guaranteed.

No, this is personal information and data that will only be dealt with by your Wemby therapist.

No, in the event of detecting a serious problem, the service will recommend referral to an external professional service. However, your organization will never be given individual personal data. The only exception in which the company would be notified is if there is a risk to the user’s own life or to third parties.

No, even if it’s confidential, that information is highly private. However, you may raise hypothetical cases and not indicate names or other personal data.

Yes, either a face-to-face file or a file in the cloud is saved, which complies with the security measures.

Yes and No. Quarterly reports of general usage and individual usage will be requested for analytics. Issues and recommendations will only be reported in collective cases.