Can a happy worker make a company happy?

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Laura Lillo Pulido

Laura Lillo Pulido

Forensic health psychologist

How does the well-being of your employees affect your organization? Will this be reflected in the total productivity of the company? What does it mean for a worker to be happy in a company? How can I promote strategies that improve the well-being of my employees?

Investing in well-being is investing in occupational health, it is synonymous with having many happy employees. 

A study surveyed more than 1,500 professionals and highlighted the following benefits within organizations that have workers who feel good:

  • Up to 33% more energy and dynamism, leading to greater efficiency and productivity in organizations.
  • Up to 300% reduction in the risk of work-related accidents.
  • Positive vision that allows problem solving.
  • Better adaptation to changes.

How can I make my employees "happy"?

Now that it is clear that this well-being is beneficial for everyone, how can I achieve it? How can I encourage people to be well in my organization? It may seem complicated at first, and it is important to emphasize that the employee himself is also responsible for this process towards happiness. EPBrands talks about some requirements to be a happy worker. 

Personal growth and development

In a good work environment we can develop our goals as workers. It is important to establish work plans and goals, internal promotions help to motivate employees and to seek progress within the company. It is also important to set objectives that can be reviewed at established intervals to promote well-being.

In this way, they will remain longer in the company and will be more productive. In this line factors such as salary, family reconciliation or the relationship with the rest of the staff, also affect. 


The greater the number of responsibilities, the greater the happiness? No. It is important to differentiate between the different roles in a company and to assign responsibilities in line with the role and initiative of each employee. 

If someone who is just starting out has the same responsibility as someone who has been with the company for a long time, it is very likely that one of them will not feel comfortable in his or her job. Success will be in the balance, and in this way we will avoid problems such as burnout, which we talked about in this Wemby article.

Periodic recognition

Recognition is one of the most important motivators in the daily work of any employee. As Up explains, recognition of achievements is not only a great stimulus but also reinforces the effort that has been made. We all like to hear that we are valuable to the team and that we are meeting expectations, don’t we?


According to Adecco’s 8th ‘Happiness at Work’ survey, employees attach great importance to a work environment based on smooth personal relationships and camaraderie.

If the work environment is good, not only will the individual work of each employee work, but they will also be able to collaborate to achieve common goals, so that unity is strength. 


How can an employee be remunerated “well” for his or her work? It is a complicated question to answer, which must take into account multiple factors: their training, their experience, the quality of their work? 

It is important that the salary be consistent with the employee. However, according to this article, employees often take pay very much into account when accepting a job offer, but once the agreement is reached, the source of incentive quickly changes.

Company values

For many employees, it is important that their companies are sustainable and pursue policies in line with their values. Small gestures to care for the environment or to favor groups at risk of social exclusion can make a big difference in your employees’ sense of coherence. 

Professional help

Contacting professionals can provide you with a personalized and timely solution, before reaching serious problems of stress, anxiety or burnout

A team of psychologists can help you find the balance to have happy workers and therefore a happy company. 

At Wemby, we make an initial assessment of the problem, then we assign the right professional for each user and design a customized plan. This process is constantly reviewed and when it is finished we offer analytics and a final report of our work. 

About the Author

Hi! I’m Laura Lillo, a forensic and clinical psychologist. I  strongly believe that psychology services should be accessible to all.  I’ve worked in prisons and with kids with risks of social exclusion. This has taught me the importance of constant learning and improvement as a person and as a therapist.

If I’m not cooking, drawing or singing, the most likely scenario is that I’m playing board games. Right now, I’m busy learning and writing content for Wemby, an online psychology platform. During my weekends I’m Game Master in Exit Madrid, a escape rooms company.

Wemby provides online therapy and wellbeing services delivered by experienced psychologists. Our team is here to help you start building your balance and emotional wellbeing today.

Download the app, complete a matching questionnaire and get paired with a therapist with the best licensed professional to match your needs.

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