5 Reasons to Choose Online Therapy

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Laura Lillo Pulido

Laura Lillo Pulido

Forensic health psychologist

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Why should we choose online therapy over face-to-face therapy? Do they work the same way? Are they equally effective? These are just some of the questions you may have before deciding to look for a therapeutic process for your organization. In this article, we offer you some answers to help you achieve a company full of happy workers

Some of our clients have already decided to start on this path. Among them, Miguel Monge, from Save the Children comments: “In the first 3 months of using Wemby’s services, our staff reported a 20% improvement in their well-being. We are very happy with the service and the way our staff have responded to it. Any organization concerned about the wellbeing of their staff should start offering Wemby’s services to them.”

Here are 5 of the most important reasons to choose distance therapy: 

1. Nothing like the comfort of home

Especially in the first few contacts, we may find it more comfortable to share our experiences from the comfort of our own home. From Psicología y Mente they explain that if we have a safe space, online therapy can eliminate external factors that could interfere with the effectiveness of therapeutic communication. 

In this way we can create a favorable and adequate context for therapy in less time and with a higher probability of success. 

2. Cost savings for both parties

In the distance mode, both the psychologist and the patient save costs: from gasoline or public transport fares to office rent or printed material. 

It is possible that people who previously could not afford to receive psychological assistance can now do so thanks to this reduction in costs, as Avance Psicólogos tells us. In this article they also explain how they offer discounts for online therapy versus face-to-face psychological therapy. 

3. Optimizing time

In addition, this modality offers us flexibility and conciliation of therapy with the rest of our personal life. It is much more feasible to reserve a time for 1 hour session than to find a time to get ready, arrive at the consultation, have the session and return home. This extra planning also comes at the cost of one of our most precious commodities: time. 

At Siquia, they tell us that it can be difficult to fit a session into our daily obligations. This option is independent of distance, so it can be optimal when we don’t have a practice close to home. 

In addition, absenteeism in online therapy has been significantly reduced. Doctoralia provides data that absenteeism has been reduced to less than 3% in distance sessions while in face-to-face sessions it is much higher.

4. It is accessible to everyone

Savia explains that several studies also show positive results of this type of consultation with patients who have recently undergone surgery, with chronic diseases or reduced mobility problems, among others. 

5. Equally effective

Despite all these benefits, and given that online therapy is a relatively recent modality, there is still a percentage of the population that does not feel comfortable in this format. One of the most important questions remains to be answered, which can be decisive in these cases: does this therapy modality work the same? Will my treatment work the same with a distance psychologist? 

Although there are exceptions for which an alternative should be sought, such as therapy for children or more serious pathologies, this article explains that the two modalities have completely comparable levels of effectiveness if the Internet connection is stable

Contacting a sufficiently qualified team of professionals can help you and your organization in the shortest possible time. Once again, providing tools and early warnings is the best prevention strategy. At Wemby we are happy to provide wellbeing.

About the Author

Hi! I’m Laura Lillo, a forensic and clinical psychologist. I  strongly believe that psychology services should be accessible to all.  I’ve worked in prisons and with kids with risks of social exclusion. This has taught me the importance of constant learning and improvement as a person and as a therapist.

If I’m not cooking, drawing or singing, the most likely scenario is that I’m playing board games. Right now, I’m busy learning and writing content for Wemby, an online psychology platform. During my weekends I’m Game Master in Exit Madrid, a escape rooms company.

Wemby provides online therapy and wellbeing services delivered by experienced psychologists. Our team is here to help you start building your balance and emotional wellbeing today.

Download the app, complete a matching questionnaire and get paired with a therapist with the best licensed professional to match your needs.

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