Offer emotional and psychological support to your team anytime, anywhere.

At Wemby, we work as your partners to improve the overall wellbeing, skills, and productivity of your employees through high-quality, affordable, and tailored plans. 

Secure and confidential

Personalized solutions made with you, for you.

Highly qualified psychologists

How does online therapy work with Wemby?

Initial Assessment

We’ll conduct an initial assessment, define your employees’ needs and challenges, and develop a tailored approach.

Matching and Live Support

We will match the users to the right counselor and start providing your employees with tailored content and on-demand counseling any time they need it and no matter where they are.

Continuous Review and Tailoring

To ensure the highest quality care, we will continually re-assess your employees’ needs and refine the content they receive to make it more compelling and adjustable to their needs.

Analytics & Reporting

It's crucial to be able to visualize tangible results. In order to see exactly how much Wemby has benefitted your organization, we provide regular easy-to-read reports with anonymous data for better monitoring.

How to improve the emotional wellbeing and productivity of your team

By partnering with us, you will have access to our team of experienced psychologists who are experts in:

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Trusted by Numerous Organizations

Trusted by Numerous Organizations

Wemby is a certified Social Enterprise

If you choose to partner with us, you are not only helping improve the mental well-being of your team, but you are also helping us give vulnerable people access to mental health support.  

For every session that an employee has through Wemby, we put aside a percentage of our earnings to free services offered to disadvantaged people. 

What do we offer?

Potential white label services

Services can be adapted and delivered them as one of your internal well-being programs. Branding and messaging can be elaborated in collaboration with you to match that of your organization.

Webinars with specialized content

Offered by psychologists that specialize in a wide selection of mental health topics.

Acess to online therapy anytime, anywhere

Your team will have 24/7 access to Wemby psychologists.

Personal Psychologist per team member

Each employee will get a personal study and be assigned their own therapist according to their needs. Note that our therapists are multilingual and come from various cultural backgrounds, which is essential in the process of assigning the right therapist to each individual.

The impact on our users

Data proven results

17% reduction of depression and anxiety

19% decrease of reported physical and mental exhaustion

20% reduction in mood changes 

21% reduction in sleeping disorders 

Source: Study conducted by Wemby in 2020. On a scale from 1-5, our users were asked to rate the intensity level of their working conditions before and after Wemby’s intervention. The data was collected independently from employees from 11 locations worldwide during a 6 month study. 

Why Wemby?

Our Mission

After years of working in psychological health care, we realized not everyone has access to this type of essential care. Sessions are often expensive and it can be a daunting task to choose a therapist and put your life and thoughts into their hands. 

Often, there are physical barriers to accessing therapists who might be your perfect fit. That is why we work hard on building and providing a type of psychological care service that is universal and accessible to everyone. 

Wemby brings mental health to your employees through high quality, affordable and tailored plans to improve their overall well being, skills and productivity. 

With more than 10 years experience in mental health at the workplace we provide employees with long term resources in order to build resilience and be better prepared for the future.

We are a 100% online company, which means we are fully accessible to everyone, whenever they need us, through the latest technology


Let's work together and improve your company's wellbeing

Here at Wemby, our ultimate goal is to improve your employee’s wellbeing. If employees are happy, the company will be too, and both personal and companywide goals will be reached. Fill in the form below and let’s get the process started!